Why restore a 20 year old car?

Small-CorvetteC4It’s always been a life long dream of mine to restore a classic muscle car. Over the years I’ve had opportunities to buy different collector cars that came along the way but never at the right time. There was always something going on at the moment that prevented me from buying one and working one one. Either I had just gotten fired or was going to get married, saving for my first home or dissuaded by my parents, in grad school or in between careers.

So finally after many years when it came down to my wife and I buying a home for our growing family, I only made one request, that the home we buy had a garage. I don’t mean a garage for storing “stuff”. I wanted a “real” garage. A garage that smelled like car fumes, had tools hanging on the wall, some oil stains in the concrete, an area I could call my own. My “man cave”. So after much prayer, saving for a long time, God answered our prayers and gave my wife the house she always wanted and me a garage.

I am by nature a “fix” it guy. I’m inquisitive about many things and to me a garage is the most conducive place to fix things. Combine that with my passion for cars and you get the itch for a restoration project. As is always the case when God has something for you, before you know it. My neighbor was in the process of moving out and told me about his 1985 Corvette C4  which has been sitting in his garage for the past 20 years ( not even started, just sitting there). Yes, I know many of you are thinking, not the most desirable model right now BUT…it’s still a Corvette.

Being it in my nature to fix things, I offered him some cash and the promise to save this poor neglected piece of history. Notice I said PIECE OF HISTORY, which is what I remind myself of at times when using a slightly differing expression to trouble shoot some ECM problems.

So why restore a 20 year old car that is almost borderline ” not worth restoring” to some? Because I believe that cars like people have value, history and character from their good and bad days but with effort and work can regain their dignity and once again roar back to life.


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