Throw Money At The Problem

When in the process of restoring a car we have the tendency to trouble shoot based on experience. We know that certain sounds and certain signs are indicative of certain issues in our cars. If we’re less experienced, we just run out and buy the replacement parts we think the car is in need of. This is even more true when the parts are “reasonably” cheap or not that expensive. For a more experienced mechanic / hobbyist, we’ve learned that doing so can costs us lots of lost time and money, so we try to avoid this by referencing our Factory Service Manual (FSM). The manual contains just about every detail of the car you could imagine. If there is some small amount of information missing, the FSM gives you just enough to piece the rest of it together.

So it is with our personal lives. We can throw money at our problems by buying toys, drinks, love, fantasy, friendship, you name it. We think we can try to repair our lives with “things” or “replacement” parts to get our engines running and working right. The truth is it doesn’t work that way. We can’t throw enough money at the problem to ever get our lives running right. So I turn to my FSM for life, my Bible. Not only for when things start to go wrong but more importantly, for maintenance. As you’ve seen through this restoration, if the previous owner would’ve done routine maintenance of this car, we wouldn’t be where we’re at now but thank God, we’ve got our FSM to help us get out.

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