How to Select & Install Fuel Injectors (Bosch III – 24lbs) for a Corvette C4

In this video I discuss fuel injector options when replacing the stock Multitec injectors the Corvette C4 came with. There are three potential options to replacing the injectors. New, refurbish/rebuild old, rebuilt new.

The Fuel Injector Connection ( ) was the most cost effective solution in my case and ordered rebuilt Bosch III’s as they were reasonably priced, an upgrade from the originals and warrantied.  Since I selected the Bosch III’s, I show you the proper way to install them and the things to consider when installing.

First, make sure you disconnect the negative battery terminal from your battery prior to beginning work . Secondly, lightly lubricate the O-rings before installing on the intake manifold and fuel rail. Remember that installation of these injectors requires you to install them on the intake manifold first rather than on the fuel rail. In addition, you will no longer need to use the original retaining clips. These injectors come with a slight modification in order for them to seat at the correct height and in essence provide a “double” seal due to the additional O-ring .

Finally, don’t forget that after installing them you will need to reset the ECM by reconnecting the battery and allowing 15 min for the ECM to reset.

If you purchase these injectors they come with full customer support and detailed instructions.

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