How to Remove and Change an Alternator – Corvette C4

In this video I demonstrate how to remove and replace an alternator on a Corvette C4. I discuss technical considerations like amperage of the alternator, cost considerations and warranty issues. A key thing to keep in mind when working on electrical components in a car is to disconnect the negative battery cable to avoid short circuits and potential damage to the ECM and other electronics. Also, many have opted to remove the A.I.R pump before it goes bad or after it does and replace it with a pulley adapter bracket or gut out the old one.

A few key points to remember:

1. Disconnect negative battery cable prior to any work on electrical components.

2. Remove the serpentine belt.

3. Remove the A.I.R pump pulley to gain clearance to the bracket bolts. Many have opted to remove the A.I.R pump. If you do, you can replace with an air pump delete bracket or “gut” the air pump out. If you replace, consider the serpentine belt length and adjust accordingly. Also, you will need to remove all A.I.R hoses from the system as it will make them obsolete.


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