How To Paint & Restore Interior Car Vinyl – Test

In this video I do a preliminary test of the Duplicolor Grease & Wax Remover along with a the Duplicolor Vinyl and Fabric Coating  on a center console prior to working on the door panels. I walk you through the necessary steps to prep the vinyl material and things to consider. This video consists of cleaning, prep and painting. The most important step in refurbishing / restoring an interior vinyl car piece is cleaning and prepping the material for the paint. In this case, the paint itself contains a primer so no primer is necessary in this step. In addition, this paint is made specifically for the application and material.

One of the benefits of using this paint is the inclusion of a primer in the paint already allowing you to “skip” a step. In the past, it was necessary to ad a paint primer to ensure paint adhesion but in this case it’s been formulated in. That’s why it’s essential to clean the surface thoroughly. Now that the test proved successful, I will be moving on to the remaining interior parts including the door panels, center console panels and seat backs. Stay tuned for more

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