How to manually turn over a Corvette C4 engine

This video demonstrates “how to” and “what to” consider when hand / manually turning over a Corvette C4 engine that has been practically “frozen”. This engine had been idle for the past 20 years and prior to attempting to turn it, I followed a couple of precautions. Not knowing the conditions of the engine block, I did the following:
1. Replace engine oil and filter with appropriate viscosity called for by the manufacturer.
2. Pre-lubricated the cylinders by removing the spark plugs and then spraying small amounts or Marvel Mystery Oil into the spark plug chambers (keep the spark plugs out to avoid compression build up)
3. Gave the Marvel Mystery Oil 3 days to settle into piston seals and attempted a slight turn after day 3.
4. Followed up the turning process over the course of 2 additional days each with slight 1/4 turn back and forth until the camshaft started to “turn”

Also, as I started the turns, I listened carefully to make sure there were no scratching, knocking or sounds that would not come naturally to these moving parts. I also listened carefully to the slight “puff” sound of the cylinder changers compressing as the engine turned.

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