Gas & Gears Garage started in my garage as a way to show others the challenges and victories of restoring a vintage and/or classical car. It was a childhood dream of mine to take a car that had seen better days and bring it back to it’s full glory. I don’t discriminate, domestic or import. The important thing is the car ooze personality, power and character. Ideally though, I’m drawn to American muscle cars. Over the years I’ve owned and worked on many different cars and found that each one carries it’s own particular challenge. I’ve made many mistakes but I’ve also learned a lot along the way. What first started out as necessity in my teenage years has turned into a hobby.

Now more than ever, it’s easy to share information, learn and help each other. Although very helpful, many of the forum sites out there are cumbersome to read and so, I’m dedicating this site purely to videos on “how-to” restore and upgrade a car. For now, I’m going about restoring an 85′ Corvette. Why an 85′ Vette you ask?  Because I discovered this classic American muscle car sleeping in a neighbor’s garage for the past 20 years. The project is more about the journey than the destination and along the way, we’ll make friends, learn a few things and try to forget the bad.

Finally, keep in mind that this isn’t my day job. I have to find someway to buy these parts. During the day, I run a brand development & design firm. Ironically, it’s similar to rebuilding or customizing a new car. Each brand is a challenge but I enjoy the process of a tear town, new design and final launch out into the world.